Norfolk School Games Virtual Golf Recap


This week we are looking back at our primary event, golf. Tri golf is another competition that we run in our summer programme and it was great to see so many schools get involved with this one virtually!

Any primary school classes could enter this one and were split into groups of 5. The aim of the competition was to encourage teams to work together in the challenges and collect points.

The golf competition was made up of 5 different challenges and all involved different golfing skills including target practice, hand eye coordination and controlling the golf ball. Pupils were given the chance to practice each challenge first and were then up against the clock to start collecting as many points as they could for their team! An average score was then calculated from each teams’ total points to give the class a final collective score.

For this challenge, a total of 29 schools took part. A special mention goes to Catton Grove Primary who had the most pupils participate in this event. Thank you to all those schools who sent in photos of pupils taking part, we loved seeing so many smiling faces. Well done to everyone who took part in this challenge, we hope you enjoyed it!

Next week, we’ll be looking back at Cross Country.


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