School Games Mark

School Games Mark – Framework 2020/21

How engaged is your school in the School Games? How can the School Games support your recovery curriculum? Want to know how you can improve your positioning of the School Games in your school – then the NEW School Games Mark Framework for 2020/21 is for you!

We want to celebrate the role that the School Games can play in your schools COVID-19 recovery curriculum, so for 2020/21 we have developed the School Games Mark Framework. This is a development tool that schools can use to self-review their engagement and provision. The School Games Mark Framework remains open to all schools and educational establishments in both the state and private sectors with Key Stage 2 and above young people who are engaged with their School Games Organisers. Let us explain…

The Purpose

A development tool to help you self reflect and plan for your recovery curriculum through maximising your engagement in the School Games.

Why complete it?

  • The framework is very much designed to support schools to reflect on your provision and uptake within the School Games.
  • Schools are tasked to align their School Games provision against their COVID-19 recovery curriculum, to consider which young people need sustained targeted interventions and how your SGO can support you with this, the tool is designed to help you reflect on all this.
  • Having completed the tool, it gives you the opportunity to speak to your Senior Leadership Team about your areas for development and to collectively consider how your SGO can support you.
  • The tool will run throughout the academic year 2020/21 and schools will be invited to reflect on their progress again at the end of the year to see what progress you have made and what your further areas for development are.

A targeted approach

  • You will need to consider which young people have been most negatively impacted by COVID-19
    and how targeting them with your School Games offer can support them in their development.
  • The School Games can be aligned to your recovery curriculum in supporting young people to ‘catch
    up’. Play, sport and physical activity are at the heart of a well-rounded school experience and
    the School Games can be pivotal in this.
  • The power of school sport and the School Games in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of
    young people can be a valuable tool in a school’s recovery, especially for those most vulnerable young people – you can use the School Games as a vehicle to support their reintegration into school life.


  • Step 1 – Late Autumn Term 2/Early Spring Term 1 Speak to your School Games Organiser (Jon Osborne) and arrange some time to either work through this together or to discuss your findings with them once you have completed it.
  • Step 2 – Go onto your school’s dashboard on the School Games website and complete the questions.
  • Step 3 – Share your findings across school with colleagues, Senior Leaders, Governors and your SGO.
  • Step 4 – Spring Term 2/Summer Term Start implementing some of your ideas and involve the young people themselves in both shaping and delivering these.
  • Step 5 – Summer Term 2 – review again using the updated tool on your dashboard and share with us any practice that you are proud of or has made a difference to your young people.
  • Step 6 – Get ready for 2021/22 armed with your new development plan.

How do I complete it?

Watch this short video (6 mins) which shows schools how to complete the School Games Mark Framework questionnaire.

Speak to Jon Osborne ( today and see how your school could benefit from completing the School Game Mark Framework 2020/21.