Year 3 -4 TeamWork Challenge


On 7th May, Year 3 -4 came together across 5 different schools to engage in our Team Work challenge.

Schools were invited to bring up to 16 pupils from Years 3-4 who are struggling with the transition to a new school or key stage, or to develop friendships with other young people at their school.

At the festival pupils worked together in a team with other pupils from their school to complete a series of teamwork challenges. Each challenge require pupils to use physical, social and communication skills to complete the challenges.

The Event Theme for this event was ‘Develop’ The event was non-competitive and designed to inspire young people through a positive physical activity experience.

The Intent of the event was “to build social skills and connections”

Thank you to all the schools that booked on…. 

  • Tuckswood Academy
  • Charles Darwin 
  • Cringleford Primary
  • Free School 
  • Little Melton Primary

We love to hear what the children have to say…..

Dan – ” This has been so much fun, even better than our normal PE lessons” 

Louise – ” I loved the red and green light game” 

All photos are now live so click the link to check them out! Photo Galleries – Norwich School Sport Partnership (


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