Year 3-4 pupils head out into the sunshine to compete in the Mini Tennis Competition.


Yesterday the sun was out at Eaton Park and for a moment you could have mistaken it for a summer’s day at Wimbledon. It was the Year 3-4 Mini Tennis Competition in partnership with the National Tennis Association which saw four different schools consisting of ten teams to competing and the top four teams would go on to represent Norwich in the Norfolk School Games Finals in June.

The aim of this event is to increase the number of pupils who can represent their school in competitive sport. This is event is part of the Norfolk School Games.

  • Cringleford Primary School
  • Hethersett Junior School
  • Saint Francis of Assisi Primary School
  • West Earlham Junior School

Teams of four (2 girls + 2 boys) took part in the team competition. Players in each team were ranked 1-4 with players with the same rank from different teams playing against each other. Initially teams were split into two groups where they played off in a round robin format.

Group A 

  • Cringleford Primary B
  • Hethersett Junior A
  • Saint Francis of Assisi Primary A
  • West Earlham Junior B
  • West Earlham Junior C
Group B
  • Cringleford Primary A
  • Hethersett Junior B
  • Hethersett Junior C
  • Saint Francis of Assisi Primary B
  • West Earlham Junior A


Following this the teams went into a playoff format to decide the overall positions;

1st – Hethersett Junior A

2nd – Cringleford Primary A

3rd – St Francis of Assisi Primary A

4th – Hethersett Junior C

5th – Hethersett Junior B

6th – Cringleford Primary B

7th – St Francis of Assisi Primary B

8th – West Earlham Junior B

9th – West Earlham Junior A

10th – West Earlham Junior C

George Harmer, Project Officer commented;

“It’s great to see so many pupils enjoying sport in the sunshine and the competition was played in the right spirit too. Our hope is that they will continue to play Tennis and join a local club in the area.”

Congratulations to Hethersett A, Cringleford A, Saint Francis of Assisi A and Hethersett C who were the top four teams and will be representing Norwich in the Norfolk School Games Finals in June.

There were photographs taken at the Tennis Competition and you can find them in our Photo Gallery.

If your child enjoyed the competition and would like to play more tennis, look at our Clubs Page.


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