Vision – “For every pupil in Norwich to be physically literate, understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and be regularly physically active in order to lead a healthy, happy and successful life”.

Mission – “To deliver a range of projects to schools in Norwich to engage all pupils in high quality PE, school sport and/or physical activity with links to community opportunities”.

We have also set the following four strategic goals;

Strategic Objective 1 – To provide a variety of physical education, school sport & physical activity opportunities to ensure all pupils develop a basic level of physical literacy and an understanding of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Strategic Objective 2 – To provide a range of events to give all pupils the opportunity to represent their school alongside pupils from other schools whilst learning how to succeed and fail well.

Strategic Objective 3 – To provide opportunities to help pupils develop leadership skills through PE and sport.

Strategic Objective 4 – To promote community sport/physical activity opportunities to pupils to encourage them to continue to participate in their favourite activities outside of school and into the future.