Virtual Challenges

During the Spring and Summer Terms we will be running a series of virtual challenges to help pupils recover from the impact of COVID-19 and improve their physical and mental health. We have designed challenges for pupils in Primary and Secondary Schools plus also a range of Inclusive Challenges.

Each Virtual Challenges will follow one of our new event themes; Engage, Develop and Compete. They will help us to clarify the purpose of each event and support schools to identify the pupils that will benefit the most from attending.

These events are non-competitive and focus on targeting pupils who would benefit from being more physically active.

These events are for pupils who enjoy friendly competition but don’t want to solely focus on winning and losing, instead they include a focus on the School Games Values.

These events are for pupils who are competitive in nature and enjoy performing and competing against others.

Spring/Summer Term Challenges

All challenges will close on Friday 28th May.

Primary Schools

 ThemeYear GroupsActivity CardEnter
Skipping Challenge (KS1)Yr 1-2DownloadEnter
Skipping Challenge (KS2)Yr 3-6DownloadEnter
Panathlon Challenge (SEND)Yr R-6DownloadEnter


Secondary Schools

 ThemeYear GroupsActivity CardEnter
Skipping Challenge (KS3)Yr 7-8DownloadEnter
Panathlon Challenge (SEND)Yr 7-11DownloadEnter


Special Schools

 ThemeYear GroupsActivity CardEnter
Panathlon Challenge (SEND)Yr 1-11DownloadEnter

COVID-19 Safety

The virtual competitions should be completed in accordance with an individual schools COVID-19 PE policy. CLICK HERE for the latest government guidance.

School Games Values

Pupils should be encourages to demonstrate the following School Games values whilst taking part in the virtual competitions;

  • Determination – Determination is about the journey you go on to push yourself and achieve your dreams. Have the mental strength and self discipline to overcome obstacles, commit to your goals and keep working everyday to become the very best you can be. Don’t hold back!
  • Passion – Giving it 100 percent. Putting your heart and soul into the game and never giving up. Passion makes you enter the race and passion makes you finish it.
  • Respect – Respect for the referee, for the opposition, for your team mates, for yourself and for the game. Accepting victory and defeat with grace, treating others politely and with understanding. Respect everyday, for every sport and everyone. 
  • Honesty – Honesty with others and with yourself. Having the courage to do the right thing and what you know is right. Let the best person win, not the best cheat.
  • Self Belief – You’ve got to believe to achieve. Have the self belief and confidence to succeed and reach your personal best.
  • Teamwork – Treating everybody equally, supporting each other and working together to achieve at your very best level. Celebrate each others successes and be a positive team player.

Download Certificates

Schools can download a Participation Certificate for each pupil that has taken part.

Schools can also download a Sportsmanship Award Certificate for pupils who have demonstrated the School Games Values whilst participating in the virtual competitions.