Trip to Tokyo Challenge

We have designed a ‘Trip to Tokyo challenge’ for schools to use in order to use the power of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire pupils to be physically active whilst also learning about other countries.

Schools are challenged to travel the 8000 miles from Norwich to Tokyo, learning about countries, towns and cities en route, and also picking up some facts about the Olympics along the way.

There are 16 stages (approx 500 miles each) to the journey and pupils and staff are challenged to complete each stage on foot, bike, skates, wheelchair, scooter or by completing other tasks.

Participants have three options as to how they can complete the journey.

  • Option A – Participants are tasked with logging miles covered and collating them with the aim of covering a total of 8000 miles (e.g. 10 mile walk with family).
  • Option B – Mark out a course on your school playground or field. This can be any distance to suit
    your pupils. Each lap counts as an Olympic mile and contributes towards the total.
  • Option C – Pupils should substitute completing 500 miles to complete each stage, by completing 500
    tasks. For example 500 skips, 500 basketball/netball/football goals, 500 lengths of swimming pool.

This challenge is suitable for all pupils in Primary, Special & Secondary schools. To take part, schools should download the Trip to Tokyo resource card.