This Girl Can 2023 – Fantastic day!!


The end of the school year generally ends on our ‘This Girl Can Festival’  and what an event it is!


We brought together  five professionals in their field to deliver engaging, fun and inspiring sessions to some fantastic Year 7-9 pupils from City Academy Norwich, Notre Dame High, City of Norwich School and The Clare School. 60 Girls, stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced the new activities.



Our activities were:

Bounce with Demi – Demi brought along 20 mini individual trampolines and the girls (and their PE teachers) worked on cardio and stretching all whilst bouncing along to their favourite tunes!

Chelsea spoke to the girls on nutrition – what to put on their plate, changing their habits, making them re think how and what they eat and what effects certain times of the month have on their bodies and how to fuel this.

Emma from Krav Maga – taught the girls self defence, whilst engaging them in fun activities to work on strength and owning their own space and bodies.

Steph, introduced the girls to grounded circus skills. A free session to learn new skills and for them to enjoy experimenting with the equipment and just generally having fun

Ian and the gang from Skate Norfolk – They brought all the skates for the pupils (and Staff) to either learn to skate, practise their skating or learn new skills from their professional skaters who were on board to share their knowledge.

All sessions, brought something a little different for the girls to try and we hope that they will take something away from their experience and even possibly now try some of the activities outside of school.




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