The Sun Shines for the 170 pupils at the Yr 1-2 & Yr 3-4 Tri-Golf Competition


Today, 170 pupils came to the Norwich Family Golf Centre to participate in the Yr1-2 and Yr3-4 Tri-Golf Competition on a lovely sunny morning. The event forms part of the Norfolk School Games programme which aims to give pupils the opportunity to participate in competitive sport.

17 teams from four schools attended the event. The schools that attended were;

  • Chapel Break Infant School
  • Clover Hill Infant School
  • Free School Norwich
  • St Francis of Assisi Primary School

Schools were invited to bring up to three teams for each of the age brackets (Yr1-2 and Yr3-4). The team which scores the most points from each of the competitions is invited to represent the Norwich SSP at the Norfolk School Games Finals.

The competition consisted of eight different activities following the Golf Foundation, Tri-Golf format. On each of the activities, pupils had the opportunity to practice for a short amount of time, before a 5 minute scoring period. In this time, the teams had to score as many points as they could. At the end of the event, all the activity scores were tallied and the results were as follows;

Year 1-2 Teams

1st           St Francis of Assisi Putters

2nd          St Francis of Assisi Hole In One

3rd           Clover Hill Champions

4th           Clover Hill Heroes

5th           Clover Hill Millie’s Cookies

6th           St Francis of Assisi Caddies

7th           Clover Hill Golftastics

8th           Chapel Break Puffins

9th           Chapel Break Wonder

10th        Free School Sausages

11th        Free School Kittens

12th        Chapel Break Buzz

13th        Clover Hill Clowns

Year 3-4 Teams

1st           St Francis of Assisi Putt

2nd          St Francis of Assisi 4M

3rd           St Francis of Assisi Pitch

Congratulations to St Francis of Assisi Putters and St Francis of Assisi Putt who will now represent the SSP at the Norfolk School Games Finals on Wednesday 19th June.

Thank you to the sport students from City College Norwich for their help with the event. The students led each of the activities, providing demonstrations and helping and encouraging the  pupils throughout whilst keeping the score for each team.

If your child enjoyed participating in today’s event and are interested in joining a local community club, visit the Clubs Page for more information.

Click here to view information about the Junior Golf Academy based at the Norwich Family Golf Centre.

Photographs from the event can be viewed in the Photo Gallery


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