The Clare School Achieve The Gold School Games Mark Award


After applying for the 2018/19 School Games Mark Award, The Clare School have successfully achieved the Gold Mark.

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme  to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.

Each application is divided into four sets of questions;

  1. Participation – how many young people at your school are being engaged in sporting activity?
  2. Competition – how many different sports are being played and how many competitions are being entered?
  3. Workforce – how many pupils are involved in leadership activities alongside taking part in competitions?
  4. Clubs – how many local links does your school have with clubs or establishments from the area?

Based on the answers given, schools are graded from Bronze to Gold based upon their engagement across the year. By achieving the Silver Award, City Academy Norwich are providing all students with two hours of Physical Education, school sport and physical activity per week, engaging at least 15% of pupils in leading managing and officiating activities and at least 20% of pupils are participating in extra-curricular activity every week.

Congratulations to Clare School on this achievement.

There is still time for schools to apply for this years award. Applications close on August 9th. Click here to start your application now.


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