SSP delivers Sports Leadership days in local schools

During the Spring Term our PE Consultant Suzy delivered two Sports Leadership training days at Colman Junior School and Eaton Primary School.

She enjoyed working with very enthusiastic and able groups of leaders in each school, both groups have a lot of potential, she looks forward to a repeat visit to observe the leaders in action.

Our Leadership Days consists of some underlying theory work – which is always delivered in a fun and practical way, then preparing and planning a short activity session which is led to a younger class from the school at the end of the day, this is where all the skills learnt are put into action and is always the *highlight* of the day!

As a review we always ask after the activity delivery how the Sports Leaders feel right now in one word…these are some examples of that were said:

  • “PROUD”
  • “HAPPY”
  • “TIRED”

These leaders can be utilised at lunch times delivering meaningful fun activities to younger children, help with house activities, e.g: Sports Day, help with whole school sports events, keep the PE/sports notice board tidy and up to date, write articles for your PE newsletter and of course check your PE/sports equipment and keep your cupboard tidy. We can also offer opportunities for sports leaders to help at SSP events.

We would love to deliver more Leadership Days within SSP member schools. Please Note – as of now a Social Distancing section will be included within the day.

If you would like to book an SSP Leadership Day for pupils at your school please contact Suzy on


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