Sport often focusses on winning and losing but school sport can also play a vital role in developing positive sportsmanlike qualities in young people which can also benefit them outside of sport. Examples of these qualities include;

  1. Having a positive attitude
  2. Showing determination
  3. Working well in a team
  4. Being a good role model
  5. Showing respect to teammates/opposition/officials
  6. Winning with pride and/or losing with grace


In order to recognise pupils that show these qualities we have introduced an SSP Sportsmanship Award.

At all SSP competitions and festivals we invite school staff and volunteers to nominate pupils that they feel have shown sportsmanlike qualities at the event.

Pupils that are nominated for an award are then presented with a certificate (see below) at the end of the event and their achievements are celebrated in front of all of the other pupils that have participated in the event.