Sport England announces first major funding into secondary school sport in a decade


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Sport England has announced a £13.5m funding investment into secondary schools after research revealed that almost 20% of secondary school students hated their PE lessons.

The funding will see free training made available to teachers, which will be administered in partnership with the Teaching School Council between now and 2021, offering specialist training and mentoring for teachers.

It will focus on improving workforce skills as part of the effort to improve sports lessons, and will see 17,000 teachers trained in new activities ranging from yoga and zumba to handball and volleyball in a bid to increase the interest of young people in sports and PE.

With large numbers of 16 year olds falling into physical inactivity once they leave school, it is hoped that encouraging a fresh approach and renewed value of sport and physical activity amongst PE teachers will help improve pupils PE experiences and reduce the negative associations with sport and PE that many students leave school with.

Jennie Price, Sport England chief exec, said “While some youngsters have a great experience of PE and sport at school, others don’t, and our research shows that can put them off being active for life. Lots of people have bad memories of being picked last for a team or just feeling really uncomfortable in PE lessons. This programme is designed to stop that happening.”

You can read the full article as published in the Guardian here, or review the Sport England funding announcement.


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