School Games

What is the School Games?

The School Games is a programme which puts physical activity and school sport at the heart of schools, providing young people with the opportunity to learn through competitions and achieve their personal best.

As the School Games Organiser (SGO) for the Norwich area, we deliver a variety of exciting School Games opportunities to local schools. We also work closely with the other SGO’s in Norfolk as well as Active Norfolk to provide further county wide opportunities.

The School Games is open to all young people in Years 3-13 in any education settings to participate. The programme is funded by Sport England so is free of charge to take part.

What is the aim of the School Games?

There are 5 School Games outcomes:

  1. Advocate and position the delivery of the Chief Medial Officer’s daily active minutes for all young people, as a universal offer to maintain and grow school engagement
  2. Ensure all competition has a clear intent and creates positive experiences based on the motivation, competence and confidence of the young people that need support the most
  3. Have a clear focus on secondary school engagement and transition points
  4. Support the personal development of targeted young people through youth engagement and leadership
  5. Advocate and engage key stakeholders on the value of School Games to support local provision and improve the experience for young people and their families.

Who delivers the School Games?

There are a network of organisations involved in the delivery of the School Games.
  • Schools – Schools are integral to the successful delivery of the School Games. Their are currently more than 18,700 schools across the country who have registered to take part in the School Games.
  • School Games Organisers – There are more than 450 School Games Organisers (SGO’s) who work across the country to support schools in their local area to take part in the School Games. In Norfolk there are 8 SGO’s who work together to deliver the Norfolk School Games programme.
  • Active Partnerships – These are groups of partners from across each county who help consider the county’s strategic approach to the School Games and provide ongoing check and challenge. The Active Partnership for Norfolk is Active Norfolk.

Benefits of the School Games

The School Games is a fun and enjoyable way of engaging all young people through school sport and physical activity.

School Games activities can encourage the growth of key skills within young people, and we encourage schools to celebrate successes around the Spirit of the Games values: Determination, Eco-Friendly, Honesty, Pasion, Respect, Self-Belief and Teamwork.

Local School Games offer

OpportunityDescriptionFor more info
EventsWe organise a calendar of exciting local events each year designed to increase the breadth (number and type of sports) and depth (number of young people engaging) of competitions. View Events Calendar
Active 60An exciting new project which helps schools understand the benefits of pupils meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) daily physical activity recommendations, understand the latest physical activity data and provides a range of training to help staff encourage all pupils to be more active.For more information
School Games MarkThis tool is designed to recognise and reward a school’s engagement in the School Games against a national benchmark and to celebrate them keeping young people active. There are four levels of award (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum), and schools are invited to apply through an application window each summer. For more information
School Games ValuesAll school Games activities aim to instill the School Games Values of: Determination, Passion, Respect, Honesty, Self Belief and Eco Friendly, in order to support schools to achieve their broader whole school objectives. School Games Values videos
Inclusive Health CheckAn interactive tool designed in partnership with the English Federation of Disability Sport which allows School Games registered schools to self review their provision of inclusive School Games opportunities. It allows schools to improve best practice, access key resources and develop an action plan. School Games website
School Games websiteThe School Games website has two elements to it; the public facing site and the ‘logged in’ dashboards. Each school has access to their own dashboard that contains links to all the key resources and additional tools such as School Games Mark and Inclusive Health Check.School Games website

County wide School Games offer

The eight School Games Organisers in Norfolk work closely with Active Norfolk to also organise additional county wide opportunities for schools.

OpportunityDescriptionFor more info
Norfolk School Games websiteNorfolk School Games website

County Leadership PathwayAs part of the county wide Norfolk School Games programme we have developed an exciting pathway of sports leadership opportunities for pupils in Years 1-11. Norfolk Schools Leadership Pathway
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How can my school get involved?

If you are a PE Coordinator or Headteacher at a school within the Norwich School Sport Partnership which isn’t currently involved in the School Games, then you should do the following two things to get involved:

  1. Register on the Your School Games website (
  2.  Email Jon Osborne ( School Games Organiser for Norwich SSP to find out about getting involved in the School Games opportunities available in Norwich.