RISE Up – Wellbeing Programme


What has happened so far?

(Please note the programme was previously called BUILDING MENTAL FITNESS)

So far 7 NSSP member schools have signed up to RISE UP, they are Bluebell Primary School, Woodside Primary School, Chapel Break Infant School, Valley Primary School, Clover Hill Infant & Nursery, Colman Junior School and Eaton Hall Special School.  In the 7 membership schools 60 teachers have requested a log in to begin the qualification.

The ‘RISE Up’ Early Intervention Programme is a child centred and an easy to implement set of actions based on a raft of academic research such as the Swarbrick 8 Dimension model, Trauma Informed Practice, The Five Part Model and the Mental Fitness Model by Dorothea McCarthy.  The programme has then been road tested in a range of school settings and refined to create a fantastic solution to your problem.

Neil Moggan (Founding Director of Future Action) is very happy to spend some time with NSSP colleagues to deliver RISE Up training.

We will be following Eaton Hall Special School’s progress with implementing the programme.  So far 18 staff from that school have signed up and are in the process of taking the qualification.  Once the school start the programme, we will produce a case study of their journey and experiences and feedback.





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