Primary PE Schemes of Work

We have teamed up with Merton Inspire and Educate PE to offer schools access to a range of PE Schemes of Work for EYFS, Key Stage 1 & 2. The Schemes of Work aim to support primary school teachers to plan and deliver a range of progressive and active PE lessons which inspire and engage all of their students.

Each Unit of Work provides six example session plans which link clearly to the learning objectives across the unit and to our holistic assessment matrix. For each of the six sessions, teaching points, differentiation, vocabulary and questions are included to bring out the learning and to progress students within the session. The Games Appendices and Glossaries help to explain the games and terminology used in each Scheme of Work. In some Schemes, additional resources are provided such as music and photographs to support the teacher further.

For Early Years teachers there is a separate Scheme of Work which has 32 Activity Cards to support Physical Development as well as guidance on the ‘Early Learning Goals’ linked to Physical Activity.

Infant Schools may wish to purchase the Key Stage 1 Athletics, Dance, Games and Gymnastics Scheme which comprises of the Units of work (24), Games, Glossaries and Resources for Years 1 and 2.

Why not take a look for yourself by downloading the Preview Document below.

Schemes of Work

The prices listed below are for both the physical folders and online access for your class teachers and PE Coordinator for the first year.

Primary and Junior Schools (EYFS, Key Stage 1 & 2)

Purchase all 6 Schemes listed above and save over 11%  £1,324.00 (saving of £172).

Infant Schools (EYFS, Key Stage 1)

Purchase the Key Stage 1 Athletics, Dance, Games and Gymnastics for Infant Schools and the Early Years Foundation Stage together and save 10% £559.35 (saving £62.15).


Free postage on orders of £500 and over to UK Mainland (delivery charge of £20 on all other orders). Schemes of Work may take up to 14 days to be delivered.


Once an order has been placed by a school they will be sent an invoice from the City Academy Norwich finance department for the value of the order.

Online Access

As well as a physical copies of the resources you also get free access to them online. All orders automatically include the first year online access for each class teacher, a member of SLT and the PE Coordinator.  If schools wish to continue to subscribe to the online access there is an annual charge from the second year onwards – further details are on the price list.

If you have already purchased Schemes of Work and wish to purchase the online access please contact us.

Staff Training

Norwich SSP are also able to mentor and train your staff to ensure they are confident to deliver the content within the scheme of work. Please contact us for more information about our bespoke whole school insets, PE mentoring and workshops.

**New Revised Gymnastics Scheme of Work – September 2020**

Merton Inspire and Educate PE are currently working with an International Olympic level Gymnastics Coach and British Gymnastics Schools Mentor to revise and update our KS1/2 Gymnastics Scheme of Work and resources. We anticipate this will be ready for schools in September 2020.  We apologise to those schools that were hoping to have the new version sooner than this, but we feel it is best to redevelop the scheme to its very best potential rather than to rush it.

If you wish to purchase the current Gymnastics Scheme of Work to use this year before the new scheme is released (likely to be September 2020) there are two options:

 1)      You can purchase the current scheme with online access only (no hard copy of the folder). We will then send you the hard copy folder of the new Scheme as well as the online access to the new scheme as soon as it is completed. You may also keep the original online folder should you want to phase in the new scheme.

 2)      You can purchase the current scheme with the hard copy of the current folder and online access. In this case you will receive the new folder via online access once it is ready. If you also require the hard copy of the new folder there will however be a printing charge for this (price TBC).

Order Form


‘This is an excellent resource for teaching P.E. and has many attractive and helpful features:

  • A simple format for all year groups and topic blocks which cover the year
  • Tips for teaching and learning
  • Simple illustrations to explain the format of games
  • Suggestions for differentiation – often a weakness in lessons
  • Questions for children so they can demonstrate learning
  • Gold, silver and bronze awards as simple assessments. Bronze is below the expected level but children would be proud of this and have the incentive of gaining silver

I am sure that schools would find this scheme ideal, either as a core to ensure the full coverage of PE in the curriculum or as an edition to their existing scheme of work.’

Roger Easthope, OBE (For services to education and school sport) – Former Head Teacher and current School’s Inspector

‘As a school, we use the MSSP PE scheme of work.  It has been a Godsend to our teachers.  it is used across the school, from early-years to Year 6 and has eased the workload for teachers and increased their confidence in delivering quality PE lessons.  One of the fundamental gifts of this SoW is that has clear progression through the years which means the children are given chances to improve in a less repetitive manner.  It is also PE delivered in an enjoyable manner as each unit of work contains a selection of games to allow children to hone their skills and practice particular areas of a sport.  The scheme is very easy to follow, consistent throughout and a good mix of both physical activity as well as helping children to develop an understanding of what contributes to a healthy lifestyle.  I highly recommend this scheme which has clearly been developed by skilled practitioners.’

Finn Coughlan – PE Coordinator, Pelham Primary School, Merton

‘I have had excellent feedback from all teachers saying how detailed and self explanatory the step by step plans are. The teachers feel more confident using the plans and then the extra resources to help them deliver their PE/ gymnastics sessions are a bonus.’