Personal Challenges (at home)

Within the School Games, Personal Challenge is a pupil driven/self-led opportunity to attempt to improve performance.

The Youth Sport Trust have developed a range of fun 60 second physical activity challenges that pupils in can use whilst learning from home or at school. The challenges are a fun way for pupils to compete against themselves to achieve either bronze, silver or gold levels.

Pupils can use the challenge Activity Tracking Sheet to record their personal achievements for each challenge.

Activity Cards

  1. Air Balloon Challenge
  2. Around the World Challenge
  3. Bean Bag Throw Challenge
  4. Bunny Jump Challenge
  5. Burpees Challenge
  6. Catch and Clap Challenge
  7. Climb the Mountain Challenge
  8. Fast Feet Challenge
  9. Figure of 8 Challenge
  10. Hopscotch in a Hurry Challenge
  11. Hunt the Hats Challenge
  12. Obstacle Challenge
  13. Skipping Challenge
  14. Socks in the Box Challenge
  15. Speed Bounce Challenge
  16. Squat Jump Challenge
  17. Star Jumps Challenge
  18. Step In Step Out Challenge
  19. Step Ups Challenge
  20. Super Slalom Run Challenge
  21. Tap Up Tennis Challenge
  22. The Plank Challenge
  23. Tuck In Tuck Out Challenge
  24. Wall Ball Challenge
  25. Zig Zag Challenge


Schools that have challenged their pupils to complete the personal challenges can receive certificates for both the school and their pupils by completing our short Feedback Questionnaire (1 min max).


Schools are encouraged to undertake the challenges and complete the questionnaire by Friday 26th March.

Good luck everybody!