Over 600 pupils learn and develop their skills at the SSP Multi-Skills Festivals


Across the past two days, 600 pupils from Reception to Year Two have participated in four Multi Skills Festivals at Easton and Otley College. Multi Skills Festivals are designed to get pupils active, challenge them to do their own personal best and develop a range of skills that can be applied into future physical activity.

9 different schools attended the Festivals. The schools that attended were;


  • Bluebell Primary School
  • Clover Hill Infant School
  • Hethersett Woodside Infant School
  • Notre Dame Prep School
  • Valley Primary Academy
  • West Earlham Infant School


  • Bluebell Primary School
  • Charles Darwin Primary School
  • Lakenham Primary School
  • St Francis of Assisi Primary School
  • West Earlham Infant School

The pupils participated in a range of activities. After being split into small groups, pupils participated in one activity for approximately eight minutes before rotating onto the next. Each activity was led by sport students from Easton and Otley College.

Mr Rutland, from Hethersett Woodside Infant, commented that;

“It was a well organised event that was enjoyable for the children. It allowed a good range of skills to be used.”

A teacher from West Earlham Infant School added;

“It was a fantastic event that encourages all to participate. There are lots of great activities to take back to school”.

At the end of the event, some pupils were provided with a Sportsmanship Award for demonstrating qualities such as team work, good listening and showing respect. Each of these pupils was nominated by the school staff present.

Thank you to the sport students from Easton and Otley College for their help with the event.

To view the photographs from Wednesday, please click here.

To view the photographs from Thursday, please click here.


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