Over 150 Pupils participate in a high-energy Tag Rugby competition


Today, over 150 pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 participated in a tag rugby competition at the UEA Sportspark. The event forms part of the Norfolk School Games programme which offers pupils the opportunity to represent their school in competitive sport.

15 teams attended the event from 10 different schools. The schools that attended the event were;

  • Avenue Junior School
  • Bignold Primary School
  • Bluebell Primary School
  • Cringleford Primary School
  • Eaton Primary School
  • Hethersett Junior School
  • Little Melton Primary School
  • Notre Dame Prep School
  • St Francis of Assisi Primary School
  • West Earlham Junior School

The games started in a round robin format where teams were split into four groups and all played each other. Each school was awarded points which varied depending on the final score of the game. After all the games were played, if two teams were tied points, the result was determined by goal difference. Following the round robin, the teams were split into cup and plate groups depending on their placements. In these groups, all teams played each other again. To conclude the event there were playoffs where teams in the same position in the cup and plate would compete for an overall position.


Tag rugby is a fun, fast paced game and there were some great performances and displays of sportsmanship across the day from all the schools and teams involved. The pupils improved their knowledge and skills within the game as the day progressed, which was reflected in the individual results of the games.


The overall results were  as follows;

1st  :      Cringleford Primary A

2nd :      Notre Dame Prep

3rd :      St Francis of Assisi Primary A

4th :      Cringleford Primary B

=5th :      Hethersett Junior

=5th :      Bluebell Primary

7th :      Little Melton Primary A

8th :      Bignold Primary B

=9th :      Bignold Primary A

=9th :      St Francis of Assisi Primary B

11th :      West Earlham Junior B

12th :      Eaton Primary

13th :      Little Melton Primary B

14th :      Avenue Junior

15th :      West Earlham Junior A

Thank you to the students from Easton and Otley College who refereed and scored each of the games, and to Wymondham Rugby Club who supported the event and assisted the students with the refereeing and scoring

All the photos from the competition can be viewed by clicking here.


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