Over 100 Girls show off their skills at the Year 3-4 Football Competition


Today, the second Girls Football Competition of the week was held at UEA Sportspark. This competition was for pupils in Year 3 and 4. The event forms part of the School Games which aims to engage more pupils in competitive sport. The top two finishing schools are invited to represent the SSP at the School Games Finals later this year.

Ten different schools attended the event with 14 teams participating. The schools that attended the event were;

  • Avenue Junior School
  • Bignold Primary School
  • Bluebell Primary School
  • Cringleford Primary School
  • Mulbarton Primary School
  • Norwich Primary Academy
  • Notre Dame Prep School
  • St Francis of Assisi Primary School
  • West Earlham Junior School
  • Valley Primary School

All the games played last for one period of six minutes with no break. Each was scored and refereed by sports students from Easton and Otley College. The competition was split into three stages to allow each of the teams to play in as many games as possible. The teams were randomly split into small groups and each team played the others in their group. Points were awarded based on the results and after all the games were played, teams were split into plate and cup groups for the second phase. Once again, all teams in the same group competed against each other and in the final stage, the teams participated in playoffs where the teams who finished in the same position in the cup and plate groups would compete for an overall position.

The overall results were as follows;

1st:    Avenue Junior School A

2nd :    Cringleford Primary School

3rd:    Mulbarton Primary School A

4th:   St Francis of Assisi Primary School

5th :   Notre Dame Prep School

6th :    Avenue Junior School B

7th :    West Earlham Junior School

8th :    Valley Primary School A

=9th :    Norwich Primary Academy

=9th :    Mulbarton Primary School B

=11th :    Bluebell Primary School

=11th :   Bignold Primary School A

13th : Valley Primary School B

14th : Bignold Primary School B

Overall, it was great afternoon of football with great performances from all the schools and teams that were involved. It provided a great opportunity for the pupils to come represent their school. All of the girls were engaged, active and improved across the competition. As a result of today, Avenue Junior and Cringleford Primary are invited represent the SSP at the Norfolk School Games Finals on Thursday 14th February at Goals Soccer Centre.

Photos from the event can be viewed in the Photo Gallery. 


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