Membership Feedback Questionnaire 2023-24

To help us further improve our SSP membership service, and design the new package of support for 2024-25, please complete the below questionnaire by 5pm on Friday 21st June.

  • Please let us know your views on the effectiveness of the membership package by selecting the response which you feel applies best to the following statements.
  • Impact

  • Communication

  • School Sport

    “To provide a range of events to give all pupils the opportunity to represent their school alongside pupils from other schools whilst learning how to succeed and fail well”.
  • Physical Education

    “To provide a variety of physical education opportunities to ensure all pupils develop a basic level of physical literacy and an understanding of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.”
  • Physical Activity

    “To provide information to pupils about local sport/physical activity opportunities to enable them to continue to participate in activities which they have enjoyed taking part in at school within their own time so they are able to continue to participate into the future.
  • Areas for development

  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

    Your comments will be used to develop the SSP membership offer for 2023-24. Please complete and submit the questionnaire by 5pm on Friday 23rd June. Please click the “Submit” button below to submit your answers.