Yr 3-4 Mixed Football Development League


2018/19 Division Two Winners- West Earlham Junior

Schools are invited to enter squads of up to 10 boys/girls (7 in a team) from Yr 3-4 who will then play against each other at a central venue over three after school match days. The purpose of the league is to give pupils the opportunity to participate in competitive matches against teams of a similar ability and encourage participation in football.


2018/19 Division One Winners- St Francis of Assisi

All matches are played on the outdoor 7 a side 3G football pitches at the UEA Sportspark. Matches will be played over the following three match days;

  1. Tuesday 19th October (15:30-17:00)
  2. Tuesday 16th November (15:30-17:00)
  3. Tuesday 7th December (15:30-17:00)


To view photos of each match day visit our Photo Gallery


Win = 3 pts, Draw = 2 pts. Loss = 1 pts

Division One

1Mulbarton Primary School A43101011
2St Francis of Assisi Primary School43011110
3Charles Darwin Primary School A421189
4Colman Junior School4103-46
5West Earlham Junior School A4004-254

Division Two

1Mulbarton Primary School B43101211
2Charles Darwin Primary School B420208
3Valley Primary Academy4121-18
4Bluebell Primary School4121-48
5West Earlham Junior School B4013-75