During the 2014-15 Academic Year we;
  1. Organised 17 competitions/leagues in a variety of different sports which gave 2305 pupils the chance to represent their school in competitive school sport
  2. Held 18 non competitive festivals which gave 5062 pupils the opportunity to enjoy being active at a fun sports event alongside pupils from other schools
  3. Provided 10 CPD workshops for school staff to develop their skills and understanding of a range of topics
  4. Delivered training and provided volunteering opportunities for 120 young people to develop their leadership skills.
What Schools Said......

100% of schools rated the impact of the SSP on the provision of PE and sport opportunities for your pupils as either "Good" or "Outstanding"

End of Year Feedback Questionnaire

90% of schools "agreed" or "strongly agreed" that they had received value for money from being a member of the SSP

End of Year Feedback Questionnaire

90% of schools "agreed" or "strongly agreed" that the SSP had delivered everything that it had promised to deliver during 2014-15

End of Year Feedback Questionnaire

What pupils told us......

It was wicked, I had so much fun. I really love rugby now

Event feedback Form

I really enjoyed myself. It was great to be selected to be in my school team.

Event Feedback Form

It was great to come to such a cool sports centre. The event was brilliant. I loved it!

Event Feedback Form

Parents commented.......

My daughter really enjoyed her afternoon on Friday. Thank you for putting on these fantastic events

Parent via Facebook

What an incredible opportunity for so many young people. What shone through was how happy everybody looked

Audience Member at SSP Dance Show