Hundreds of Reception pupils get active at SSP Multi Skills Festivals


During the last week of term, hundreds of Reception pupils had the opportunity to get active whilst practicing their fundamental movement skills at the SSP Yr R Multi Skills Festivals at Easton College. Across four events, over 550 pupils from 12 schools participated. The schools that attended the event were

Wednesday 3rd April

  • Cringleford Primary School
  • Free School Norwich
  • Hethersett Woodside Infant School
  • Little Melton Primary School
  • Nelson Infant School
  • Notre Dame Prep School
  • West Earlham Infant School

Thursday 4th April

  • Eaton Primary School
  • Henderson Green Primary School
  • Lakenham Primary School
  • Mulbarton Primary School
  • St Francis of Assisi Primary School

Pupils participated in approximately eight different activities which allowed them to practice basic skills that can be put into further practice in sports and other physical activity opportunities. Skills included, throwing and catching, rolling, jumping, hopping and agility. Movements used can also provide a foundation for sports specific skills that will be learnt in the future. In addition, each of the activities was story-based to make it more exciting and engaging for the pupils.

Pupils were split into small groups, and also had the opportunity to develop social skills as they were paired with pupils from other schools. Groups spent approximately eight minutes on one activity before following a rotation onto the next.

At the end of the event, some pupils were awarded with a Sportsmanship Award. These pupils were nominated by the school staff for displaying qualities such as good teamwork, respect and a positive attitude.

Staff from Free School Norwich commented;

“It was a really fun event which was great for sportsmanship, skills and physical development. Our pupils thought it was excellent”.

Pupils from both Cringleford Primary and Mulbarton Primary also said;

“They had lots of fun and enjoyed learning new skills”

Thank you to the sport students from Easton and Otley College who lead each of the activities across the event.

If your child is interested in participating in a sport, take a look at our Clubs Page for more information on clubs in the local community.

To view the photos from the festivals held on Wednesday 3rd April, please click here.

To view the photos from the festivals held on Thursday 4th April, please click here.


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