FREE Maths of the Day Workshop in Norwich


What is Maths of the Day?

Maths of the Day (MOTD) is an innovative and creative online resource providing lesson plans for “Active Maths’. The aim is to help raise children’s achievement and improve attitudes to maths through fun, exciting and engaging active sessions. Packed with over 1000 ready -made lesson plans, the programme is linked to the Maths Curriculum and dedicated to ‘Active Learning’

Course Description

The course looks at the research, rationale and benefits of ‘active learning’ and gives teachers practical ideas on how to implement ‘Active Maths’ in to the curriculum. Delegates will be introduced to the highly acclaimed and praised resource ‘Maths of the Day’ – a website that provides teachers and teaching assistants with over 1000 lesson plans on how to deliver ‘active maths’. The resource is used in schools across the UK and internationally and is having a huge impact on attitudes to maths, attainment in maths, levels of physical activity and whole child development.

Who for?

The workshop is suitable for PE Coordinators, Maths Coordinators and Senior Leaders.


The course is being held on Monday 22nd January (9.30am-12noon) at a venue in Norwich (tbc).


The workshop is completely FREE of charge to delegates!

How to book?

For more information about the workshop please download the attached flyer. To book a place please email Rob McCombe on


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