Event Themes & Intents

We have launched a series of new Event Themes and Intents in order to clearly specify the format and purpose of each SSP event.

Event Themes

The Event Themes will help us to ensure that we are providing events that appeal to all pupils. From now on all SSP events (face to face or virtual) will be designed around three new Event Themes; Engage, Develop or Compete.
See below an explanation of the three themes:
These events are non-competitive and target pupils who would benefit from being more physically active, particularly those whose physical activity levels have been most negatively impacted by COVID-19.

These events are for pupils who enjoy friendly competition but don’t want to solely focus on winning and losing, instead they focus on supporting a pupils wider development.

These events are for pupils who are competitive in nature and enjoy performing and competing against others.

Event Intents

Each event will have a clear Intent which will set out what we are trying to achieve. These will be selected from the following list;
  1. To develop character and life skills
  2. To develop different sport specific skills
  3. To engage new audiences
  4. To improve health
  5. To increase motivation
  6. To foster social connections
  7. To develop physical skills
  8. To support individual development in sport

We hope that by sharing the theme and intent of each event with schools, it will help schools understand the purpose of the event and identify which pupils would benefit most from taking part.