Competitions and Events

We organise a variety of events to enable all pupils to enjoy the benefits of representing their school in an off site event.

Norfolk School Games

The School Games is a programme designed to keep competitive sport at the heart of schools and provide more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.

We work closely with Active Norfolk and the other 7 SSPs in Norfolk to coordinate a countywide programme of events which are split into Winter and Summer programmes.

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In addition to the nationally funded School Games we also organise a range of other events as part of our SSP Membership Package, including;

Development Leagues

The SSP organises a variety of development leagues to provide pupils with additional opportunities to represent their school in a sport that they have shown an interest in.

The leagues are designed to follow on from the SSPs one off Norfolk School Games competitions or schools extracurricular clubs in order to help young people develop their interest in a sport and their skills further.

For 2019/20 we will be running the following leagues;

Click on one of the above leagues for more information and to view the current league tables and match results.

Multi Skills Festivals

The Multi Skills Festivals provide a fun opportunity for pupils in Yr R/1/2 to take part in a non competitive off site sports event. At the festivals pupils take part in a carousel of multi skill activities which aim to develop their basic physical movement skills. For many pupils it will be the first sports event that they have ever been to and we hope that it inspires them to develop a habit of wanting to take part in future sports events.

Dance Shows

Each year the SSP organises two dance shows for pupils in SSP member schools to take part in. The shows give pupils in Yr 1-11 the opportunity to create and practice a dance set around a theme and perform it on a big stage in front of their friends and family.

The shows are held at the OPEN Youth Venue in Norwich benefitting from their large stage and professional sound and lights.

Inclusive Sports Festivals

Inclusive Sports Festivals are an event that give pupils with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) the opportunity to receive all of the benefits of representing their school in an off site sports event alongside pupils from other schools.

The festival challenges pupils to do their personal best whilst taking part in a carousel of fun sports activities.

Change4Life Festivals

Change4Life Festivals are an opportunity for traditionally less active Yr 2-4 pupils to represent their school in a fun sports event. Pupils participate in a non competitive multi-sport themed festival alongside from other schools.

Active Kids Bounce and Outdoor Activity Festivals

We have introduced the Active Kids Bounce and Outdoor Activity Festivals to provide opportunities for less active pupils in Yr 5-6 to enjoy all of the benefits of representing their school that other pupils receive.

The festivals give pupils the chance to take part in a variety of non traditional sports to show them that being active doesn’t have to look like sport.

By hosting the festivals at local community facilities we hope to showcase to the children opportunities where they can continue to be active and have lots of fun in their own time.