Competition Leadership Award


The School Games provide an excellent opportunity to engage more pupils in a variety of leadership roles.

We have designed the Competition Leadership Award to encourage and reward pupils for undertaking leadership roles whilst supporting the delivery of the Norfolk Virtual School Games competitions.

Pupils are challenged to undertake a variety of leadership roles including:

  • Equipment Manager – Help your teacher set up equipment, e.g. score sheets, pens/pencils, clipboards, stopwatches.
  • Coach – Explain and demonstrate the competitions to other pupils. Offer hints and tips to help them improve their performance.
  • Score Keeper – Measure the scores/times for the Virtual Competitions and accurately record them.
  • Event Organiser – Combine all the leadership skills learned in the above roles to organise and deliver one of the virtual competitions to another group of pupils without the support of an adult.

Pupils are challenged to complete 4 activities from at least one of the four roles in order to complete the award and unlock a Competition Leaders Certificate.

Who is the Award aimed at?

The award has been designed to be flexible so schools can target which ever pupils they feel would benefit most from completing it. This could be “sporty” pupils who may be interested in coaching/officiating, or less active pupils in order to engage them in PE lessons by taking on a different role.

How to complete the award

  • Identify a group of pupils to target
  • Download the Competition Leadership Passport
  • Print a copy for each pupil
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to undertake leadership roles when delivering the Norfolk Virtual School Games competitions.
  • Once completed, fill out the online monitoring form. You will then be emailed an electronic certificate.
  • Print certificates and present to pupils to celebrate their achievements.