Bikeability Cycle Training

Cycling is a great way for young people to get regularly physical activity, whether it riding to and from school each day or recreationally in their own time with their family and friends.

We have secured funding from the Department for Transport to offer schools within the Norwich SSP the opportunity to receive FREE Bikeability cycle training for their pupils.

What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is the Government’s flagship cycling training programme and is designed to help young people develop the skills and confidence to be able to cycle on today’s roads.

There are three Bikeability levels, each designed to help improve participants’ cycling skills, no matter what they know already.  Levels 1, 2 and 3 take trainees on a journey from the basics of balance and control all the way through to planning and making a journey by themselves on busier roads.

There is also a range of new Bikeability Plus modules which are designed for use in co-operation with schools to ensure that children and families are given the opportunities, skills, support and guidance they need to make cycling part of their everyday lives.  These modules complement and enhance the effectiveness of Bikeability Levels 1 – 3.

Bikeability LevelsLevel2 junction2

There are three Bikeability levels;

Level 1 – At Level 1 pupils in Year 3-4 learn to control and master their bikes in a space away from traffic such as a playground or closed car park. Trainees will usually be trained in a group of 3-12, though individual training may also be available in your area. 

Level 2 – Level 2 takes place on local streets, giving pupils in Year 5-6 a real cycling experience. Trainees learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops. Trainees are usually trained in small groups – up to 6 trainees per instructor – though individual training may also be available

Level 3 – Level 3 equips pupils in Year 6+ with skills for more challenging roads and traffic situations – busier streets, queuing traffic, complex junctions and roundabouts. It also includes planning routes for safe cycling. Level 3 training is delivered one-to-one or in groups of up to 3 so can be tailored to a trainee’s individual needs, such as a route to work or school.

Bikeability Plus

Bikeability Balance – A series of school based sessions that aim to prepare children in Reception and Year 1 with the skills that they will need to take part in Bikeability Level 1, by using games and balance bikes to develop their handling and awareness.

Bikeability Learn to Ride – These sessions are for children in Year 1+ or adults (school staff or family members) who are unable to cycle, including those children who are ready to make the move to riding with pedals after Bikeability Balance, older children who are struggling to master the skills, or adults who have never learnt to cycle.

FREE Training For SchoolsLook behind

We have secured funding from the Department for Transport to provide free training to schools in Norwich between April 2021 and March 22. We are able to offer schools the opportunity to receive Level 1, Level 1/2 (combined), Level 3, Balance and Learn to Ride training.

All training will be delivered on behalf of the SSP by our delivery partners Pedal Power who are a fully qualified, experienced and insured Bikeability scheme.


Pupils should bring along their own bike and helmet to training sessions. Balance bikes and helmets are provided for Balance sessions.

How to request Bikeability training for your school?

To request some FREE Bikeability training please complete our online Bikeability Request Form. You will then be contacted by our delivery partner Pedal Power to discuss your request and agree dates/times for delivery.

Other Useful Resources

The Bikeability website has a range of useful resources for schools, including;

  • What?, Why?, How? – Organising Bikeability Cycle Training (FAQs), Whole School Impact, Template Letters.
  • Learning Resources – A toolbox full of exciting, curriculum supporting resources for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.
  • Promote and Celebrate – Creative tools to help you promote and celebrate Bikeability across your school.
  • Case Studies – A variety of real life experiences from schools, instructors and individuals shared through case studies, highlighting the impact of Bikeability across the country.
  • Just for Fun – Engaging cycling and bicycle themed activities for wet weather play-times, after-school clubs or family engagement including art, design & craft activities; board games, jigsaws, maths, number and word challenges; poetry and geography activities.