Being outside is “a very good thing to do”, says chief medical officer


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The Government’s leading scientific advisor has urged people to stay active and get outdoors if possible during the coronavirus outbreak.

England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty said that it’s still fine to go out for a walk or to the park, as long as you follow the guidance on social distancing and self-isolation.

“Being outside in the park is a very good thing to do and taking exercise is always a good thing to do – the thing we are trying to avoid is people meeting up unnecessarily or having unnecessary social contact,” he said on Wednesday, 18th March.

“Going to the park, yes. Crowding together with lots of people for a long time, that is the kind of thing we would rather people did not do.”

That means it’s fine to go for a cycle, a walk, or even have a kick-about in the park, as long as you stay at least two metres away from other people. “If it is in the open air and people are keeping their distance, then we would certainly want people to continue to enjoy themselves.”


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