Advice regarding sports days and events, following the Prime Minister’s briefing


The Association for PE’s (afPE) Health and Safety Team and staff are pleased to share advice to support members and the wider sector following a number of enquiries regarding the planning and running of sports days and other events.

Before the sports day or other events take place, schools must have an up-to-date risk assessment in place that considers the risks from COVID-19 and any control measures required. This will inform the school’s decision with all aspects of planning.

This risk assessment must also take into account local and national guidance, i.e. some areas are receiving extra testing and vaccination support after being moved to an ‘enhanced response area’. Schools must carefully consider how they apply COVID-19 protective measures when planning a sports day and or other events. These should be an extension of the wider protective measures detailed within their school COVID-19 risk assessment.

The events should adhere to government guidance regarding health, social distancing and hygiene. Participants including any potential spectators must be able to follow social distancing guidelines and good hand hygiene practices. Anyone who is symptomatic or suspects they have been exposed to the virus must not take part or attend the sports day/event.

afPE’s diagram below may help those organising events to demonstrate the levels of guidance that has informed their decisions.

For larger events, individual schools will still need to carry out risk assessments regarding the following:

  • journey to the venue
  • arrangements on arrival
  • any activities taking place
  • lunch times and toilet arrangements
  • journey home


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